One aspect of our sustainable company philosophy is the complete renunciation of outsourcing and temporary workers in the company. All hotel services are provided exclusively by the hotel's own employees who are employed directly at the hotel.

Only with our own employees can we achieve the service quality in all areas that we want to offer our guests at all times.


We attach great importance to ecologically responsible company management. A variety of measures are helping to ensure that our consumption of resources is exceptionally low compared with the industry as a whole.


  • Use of most efficient technologies in all areas, such as
    • The heat pump
    • The combined heat and power station / cogeneration
    • Controlled ventilation with heat and cold recovery
    • Usage of LED lighting in almost all areas
    • Direct utilization of natural gas for heating, cooking and in the laundry
  • Use of renewable energies
    • Solar thermal energy
    • Geothermal energy

Approximately 50% of our electricity consumption is produced by the feelgood hotel itself.


For this commitment, which goes far beyond the usual extent, our company has been awarded multiple times already:

    1995: "We run an environmentally oriented hotel" by DEHOGA and
    1997: "We run an environmentally oriented hotel" by DEHOGA and
    2003: "We run an environmentally oriented hotel" by DEHOGA and
    2004: "Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism" by the European Union
    2004-2009: Certification as V i a b o n o® operation
    2014: Successful completion of the "Sustainable Business" program of the city of Heidelberg


"V i a b o n o" is a trademark of V i a b o n o GmbH.