Our feel-good rooms

With our new feel-good rooms, we have taken every opportunity to offer you the most modern comforts that you will normally find in the latest luxury hotels.

A matter of course is the reliable, fast and secure internet access with up to 200 Mbit / s over WLAN as well as LAN connections in all hotel rooms and public areas for our guests.

In addition, there is a large Smart TV with wireless keypad in each room for our hotel guests, which not only allows you to see many domestic and foreign programs in the best quality, but also to surf the Internet or watch a 3D movie.

Indirect lighting elements can be activated via different light scenarios. State-of-the-art building technology controls this as uncomplicatedly as the perfect room climate, the electric darkening or the surface radiant heating, which switches on, if guests like it particularly warm. Especially noteworthy is the completely silent and draft-free air conditioning - as you have always wanted!

In the near future our guests will also have the opportunity to control their hotel room comfortably via their SmartPhone or tablet!
The beds are of the highest quality and additionally provided with a comfort pad, which will immerse you in sweet dreams. There are also 2 hypoallergenic pillows of different degrees of hardness available for each guest. And if you just want to read in bed or watch TV, you'll appreciate the padded headboard. Not only exceptionally tall people benefit from the 210cm extra long beds, which are at least 140cm wide in the single room and 180cm wide in the double room.

In the spacious bathrooms you will find preheated towels, large shelves, pleasant light, a height-adjustable and illuminated make-up mirror, a powerful hair dryer, selected cosmetic products and in the most rooms even 150 cm long, even shower and various shower settings.

Our international guests enjoy several special sockets on the wide desk and in the bathroom for almost all of the world's used plugs, which makes the search for adapters superfluous.
The practical wardrobe combination with luggage rack is designed for business travelers and city tourists and includes an individually programmable in-room safe.

An extension phone with voicemail and alarm is of course also standard.

For your specific request for availability and room prices please click here: buchen.neu-heidelberg.de