Your Contribution

Wearing mouth-nose protection is mandatory in our state or in our city ...

  • in all public areas of the hotel
  • in local public transport and their stops
  • in shops
  • in all public buildings, such as the town hall, Heidelberg Castle, the zoo, etc.
  • at some crowded public places - indicated by signs

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5m from all other guests and our employees.

If there are signs of illness - especially fever - or if you have had contact with people with corona/covid-19 in the past 14 days, you are not allowed to enter the hotel and the restaurant.

Please only use the elevator in the feel-good hotel only with people from your household, as it is difficult to keep the minimum distance for several people.

In order to be able to effectively and precisely track any spread of an infection, we are obliged to record exactly when and until when guests are checked in to the hotel.
It is in your interest that we also record your departure time as accurately as possible.

In addition, the times of entering and leaving the restaurant must also be recorded for hotel guests. For this reason, every guest must hold their own guest card to the reader in every direction when entering the restaurant.

Please disinfect your hands regularly - especially when entering the hotel and before entering our restaurant.

Please wash your hands regularly and particularly carefully, since even disinfection can only work on clean hands.

Please note the sneezing and coughing etiquette.

For your protection and the protection of others, refrain from hugs and avoidable physical contact.

If possible, pay cashless.

If you prefer, you can of course continue to pay in cash.

In Heidelberg there were relatively few infections with the corona virus. Heidelberg also has a globally respected university hospital with capacities that were only used to a fraction of the possible number of beds, even during the corona expansion in March and April 2020. Heidelberg therefore came through the crisis relatively easily.

The current situation picture of the Corona situation can be found on the city's website.