Our Measures

On this page we would like to inform you about the precautions we have taken to offer you a pleasant and safe stay in Heidelberg.

We have taken many steps to make your stay in Heidelberg as safe as possible and to offer you a carefree, relaxing time in Heidelberg.

Let us introduce you to our most important measures before we go into your contribution and the hygiene regulations applicable in Heidelberg on the following page.

We used the general closure of the company from mid-March to mid-May to train our employees intensively on the particularly high requirements with regard to hygiene.

With the exception of our in-house technicians, all employees have now even taken part in infection protection instructions in the health department.

All employees in the company are tested for the Sars COV2 virus several times a week with quick tests.


Guests can also buy various quick tests from us and then carry them out themselves.

All hotel guests who enter the restaurant for breakfast or dinner have to register with their guest id card at a scanner when coming and going for contact tracing.


This data is automatically deleted after 4 weeks.

We already set up the first automatic hand disinfection device in February, so that our guests can now disinfect their hands at all central points without contact.

Please use these devices at every opportunity - especially when entering the hotel and before entering our restaurant.

Our self-check-in terminal allows you to quickly and easily complete the registration and receive your room card without contacting other people.


If possible, please use the self-check-in.

In the hotel rooms and apartments, all commonly touched surfaces are disinfected after each departure with special cleaners.

We have switched to an output buffet, i.e. Due to the special hygiene requirements, the guests are not allowed to serve themselves, but our employees portion the open dishes for the guests on the plate - according to the wishes of the guests.


Due to the lockdown in December, we currently offer a breakfast to take to the room in the feelgood hotel. Guest who stay at the guesthouse cannot be offered a breakfast at the moment.

Our bed linen and towels are always washed in our in-house laundry with at least 60 ° C, so that everything in the hotel rooms is perfectly prepared for every new guest.


The bed and pillowcases are then ironed at over 200 ° C - also in our house.

The towels and fitted sheets reach a final temperature of over 70 ° C in the tumble dryer.

Since we have been relying on non-contact guest cards for a long time and have installed many automatically opening doors for your convenience, you can get to your room without touching anything.

The guest cards are of course disinfected after each return, which is particularly possible with these contactless cards.

But even if you use the elevator or would prefer to secure yourself on the banister - don't worry, this is also disinfected daily.

We also attach great importance to our modern kitchen technology, which is the basis for optimal food hygiene.

Our dishes, glasses, cups and kitchen utensils are not only washed at the required 60 ° C, but even at 70 ° C.

The freshly rinsed parts are so hot that you cannot touch them directly - you burn yourself.

You have to let the dishes cool down for a short time before you can empty out the washing baskets.

Such a high standard of hygiene is by no means a matter of course!

We have all had a lot to learn about droplet infection and the spread of aerosols in the past few weeks.

That is why we attach great importance to the fact that the entire feel-good hotel, including the restaurant, is equipped with the latest ventilation technology, which is designed for multiple air changes per hour.

Even if you don't hear or feel anything about it, the technology works for you in the background and in the current time also for your safety!

In the center of the ventilation system you can see the cross-flow heat exchanger, in which the exhaust air heats or cools the supply air as it flows through many small metal fins.

There is no mixing between exhaust air and supply air.

At the same time, the air is filtered so that a large part of the pollen is captured in the filters.

Even if many guests cannot leave it - in our feel-good rooms you should simply keep the window closed and let our highly developed ventilation technology take care of your indoor climate.

Such elaborate and well-maintained ventilation technology as in our feel-good hotel is by no means a matter of course.

If you are still not convinced, you can choose the categories Small, Medium and Large in our guesthouse and control the supply air through the windows.

to be continued...