Frequent Questions

Here we would like to give you the most important and most frequent questions about the effects of the corona pandemic and your stay in our city and in our hotel.

Am I allowed to stay?

Please see -> Current Rules


You can find an overview of the test stations here.


We recommend the nearest test center - just 100m apart from the feelgood hotel:


The following test center ist just 50m apart from our Guesthouse & Apartments:


In exceptional cases, guests can also carry out a self-test supervised by us at the hotel for a fee. Our employees have been trained accordingly. Of course, we always have tests in stock. However, we are no longer authorized to issue a certificate that is recognized in other institutions.

Are you serving breakfast at the moment?

Yes, we offer a daily buffet breakfast - if no other agreement was made.

Is your Restaurant open?

Our restaurant is currently open for our hotel guests and guests from the region Monday to Friday from 17:30.

For the latest information on our opening hours - especially on public holidays or at school vacations - please contact our front desk or visit our restaurant's website:öffnungszeiten/

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotel?

We kindly ask all our guests to wear a FFP2/KN95 mouth and nose masks in all public areas of the hotel.

What corona precautions must be taken in Heidelberg?

Wearing a FFP2/KN95 mouth-nose masks is mandatory in our state or in our city ...

  • in local public transport and their stops
  • in hospitals
  • in many public buildings, such as the town hall, Heidelberg Castle, the zoo, in parking garages etc.

Does the ventilation technology mix exhaust air and supply air?

No, our ventilation systems strictly separate the exhaust air from the supply air. See also under "Our Measures".


Throughout the pandemic, Heidelberg always had the lowest or one of the lowest incidences in Baden-Württemberg.

The clinics of the university of Heidelberg always provided excellent medical care with considerable capacities.


Further information about the corona situation in Heidelberg can be found on the website of the city of Heidelberg.