Frequent Questions

Here we would like to give you the most important and most frequent questions about the effects of the corona pandemic and your stay in our city and in our hotel.

Is your Restaurant open?

Yes and no, we currently only offer breakfast.
It has not yet been decided when the restaurant will open again in the evening.
However, we have taken all the precautions to be able to open the à la carte at short notice when there is sufficient demand again.

How's breakfast going now?

We have switched to an output buffet, i.e. Due to the special hygiene requirements, the guests are not allowed to serve themselves, but our employees portion the open dishes for the guests on the plate - according to the wishes of the guests.

Although this is labor-intensive, we can offer the same scope as before and at the same time ensure the best possible hygiene. It is also a nice service for the guest ...
However, we now also offer certain items such as sugar/salt/pepper, honey, Nutella and yoghurts individually packaged.

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotel?

Guests are only required to wear a mouth-nose mask at the reception and only if there is no structural protection - which is provided by the plexiglass pane at our reception.

The mask is not mandatory for breakfast or in the restaurant either.
If you do not wear the mask, we insist that you keep a safety distance of 1.5m from other guests and our employees!

What corona precautions must be taken in Heidelberg?

Wearing mouth-nose protection is mandatory in our state or in our city ...

  • in local public transport and their stops
  • in shops
  • in all public buildings, such as the town hall, Heidelberg Castle, the zoo, etc.
  • at the reception of hotels

Does the ventilation technology mix exhaust air and supply air?

No, our ventilation systems strictly separate the exhaust air from the supply air. See also under "Our Measures".