Specific information related to the corona pandemic

It is a matter of course that the health of our guests and our team has top priority for us.

We have also been closely monitoring the spread and developments concerning the corona virus since the first reports from China in January and initiated the first measures in early February.

Specifically, we would like to inform you about the following points:

All hotel rooms in our feel-good hotel have ventilation. Depending on the room type, room size and time of day, between 20 and 40m³ of fresh air per hour are blown into the rooms and exhausted in the bathrooms. What is simply an important building block for a good indoor climate in normal times is currently also bringing great benefits in terms of hygiene and viruses of all kinds that may be present in the air.
Of course, no exhaust air gets into the supply air. The ducting of exhaust air and supply air is strictly separated and even in the cross-flow heat exchanger, which is used to save energy, the flows remain cleanly separated.

Our restaurant also has a ventilation system that is so powerful that it was also able to reliably extract cigarette smoke in earlier times. Here too, supply air and extract air are separated.

The hotel rooms and apartments in our guest house have exhaust ventilation inside windowless bathrooms and the extractor hoods of the kitchens - provided they are not recirculation hoods. Each of them have individual exhaust air strands above the roof. The supply air is through open windows. Our housekeepers ventilate the rooms thoroughly with every cleaning.


We now consistently use a disinfectant detergent for surfaces in order to achieve the highest possible level of hygiene in everyday operations.
We had to take our decoration back a bit so that we could disinfect switches, handles and surfaces after every guest change.
We also disinfect the guest cards, which is used in particular to open the doors, after each return.

Because most of the doors in the public area open automatically or can be opened with the guest's contactless smart card, we are already optimally prepared for the current requirements.
All other items that guests come into contact with are disinfected at least daily according to a checklist.
In February we already set up an automatic disinfectant dispenser in the reception area, which we kindly ask you to use regularly.
We are currently preparing our restaurants for the new requirements for a breakfast buffet as well as dinner service.